United Kingdom Archaeological Sciences UKAS 2019 24th – 26th April


Archaeological science, also known as archaeometry, most typically involves the characterization of archaeological materials via methods ranging from elemental and isotopic analyses through to biomolecular research, including means to date ancient materials and approaches to sourcing different materials. Applications include understanding past environments and landscapes, the nutrition and health of people in the past, and improvements in the means to discovering new sites and features (e.g., through geophysical survey) and identifying new methods of conserving the recovered materials.

For the first time since its beginning, 32 years ago, UKAS comes to Manchester, home of one of the first ancient DNA laboratories in the UK.

We look forward to welcoming you to our varied scientific program as well as our social events throughout this three day conference.

For a list of all abstracts, please see the UKAS_2019_Conference_booklet.

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