Social Programme and Activities

image9 24th April – The wine reception will take place on the first evening of the conference within the fossil gallery of the Manchester Museum.

Within the fossil gallery itself are various displays illustrating some of the museum’s collections including those of one of the most famous early practitioners of cave archaeology and former curator at the Manchester Museum, Sir William Boyd-Dawkins, noted for his research on fossils and the antiquity of man.

microbrewery 25th April – Either:

A guided tour of Manchester led by Terry Brown and Keri Brown,

Or a Microbrewery event (TBC)

image10 26th April – The Closing Venue and Dinner will be at the nearby Christie’s Bistro, which is easily accessible; located close to Manchester City Centre.

Built in 1890 as the new Study of Education, the Christies Library was a gift from the former law professor, historian and bibliophile Richard Copley Christie. For much of the twentieth century it housed the University’s principle science library.

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